Reasons to use oTree instead of zTree

Reasons to use oTree instead of zTree

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oTree and zTree are both widely used software packages for conducting experiments in economics and social sciences. While both tools have similarities, there are several reasons why one might prefer oTree over zTree:

  1. Web-based: oTree is entirely web-based, while zTree requires installation and running on a local computer. This means that oTree is more accessible, as users can run experiments from any device with an internet connection.
  2. Django-based: oTree is written in Django, a popular web framework used in scientific computing and data analysis. This makes it easier to integrate with other scientific tools and enables users to leverage the vast number of Python libraries available.
  3. Flexible and customizable: oTree is highly customizable, allowing users to design experiments to fit their specific needs. It also provides built-in support for a wide range of experimental designs, such as public goods games, dictator games, and ultimatum games.
  4. Open-source: oTree is open-source, which means that users can modify the software to fit their needs and contribute to the development of the project. This also ensures that the software remains free and accessible to everyone.

Overall, while both tools have their strengths, oTree’s web-based nature, flexibility, and open-source nature make it a popular choice for researchers in economics and social sciences.

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