Collect data

Running & data collection

We can run online and lab studies for you, monitoring subject behaviour in real time, reducing subjects´dropout and preventing situations which put your data collection at risk. For individual decision-making studies, usability tests and multiplayer / synchronised experiments.

Online Lab

Smooth data collection

Home Lab


Online experiments are complex and the quality of the data needs to be controlled during the whole process. We have a team of experts in experimental software and participants’ recruitment which will be monitoring the data collection process to spot unexpected issues and overcome any obstacle in real time.

Live support for online experiments and research studies

Subjects’ trouble shooting

While we are running the online experiment we keep an eye on subjects´performance to make sure the instructions are clear and there are not misunderstandings. This agile communication with participants allow us to drastically reduce dropout and run both individual decision-making studies and multiplayer / simultaneous online experiments.

Safe data - Experimentics

Safe data

Imagine your experiment stops when there are hundreds of participants making decisions. This is something that can happen if you dont take the proper security measures. Our back up servers ensure that all collected data will be safe in real time if anything goes wrong.