Web Scraping for Research | Data processing

Collect data from websites and documents and transform it into spreadsheet, csv, or database formats that allow you to analyze and use it in your research.

Web Scraping for Research

Collect raw data from websites, browsers, tables or documents and convert them into more convenient database for analysis. Read more and check if we can help.

Collect and convert data

From a wide variety of raw data sources like databases, spreadsheets, csv, .pdf or websites

Obtain a usable database from a web site without having to manually gather every piece of data Experimentics

Collect data

The data you are looking for can be splitted up into different databases or it can also be hidden behind a search engine built in a website. This makes the process of gathering the data a very tedious and time-consuming task.

Extract and process data - Experimentics

Web scrapping

We do simplify that by developing customised cripts addressed to collect the required data. That speeds up the data collection process, reduces the human error to a minimum and creates an agile response in case of trouble.

Data report

Data processing

Once we have the dataset we can merge two databases into one, apply specific filters or reorganize the structure. This is particularly useful when using statistical tools to analyse your data.

Ethics, copyright and fair use

In general, if data is publicly available (the content that is being scraped is not behind a password-protected authentication system), then it is OK to scrape it. What is potentially problematic is if the scraped data will be shared further. 
In general, unless the intent is to pass off data as our own, copy it word for word or trying to make money out of it, reusing publicly available content scraped off the internet is OK.
Make it easy: Get the permission from the author and quote the source of the data.

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