Pay research participants

Types of incentives
Our platform allows us to send research incentives through PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards and donations to Charities.

Simplify payments and focus on your research
Sending incentives takes patience, administrative paperwork and knowledge about data protection and tax regulations. Sometimes this process is difficult to coordinate and ends up being impossible, especially with some Institutions. Our service aims to provide a simple and agile solution so that researchers can optimize their time and focus on their research.

Send safe payments to participants from any country
Our international experience allow us to have custom protocols that respect tax and data protection regulation of each country.  It also helps to pass the Ethics Committees / IRB review and avoid unexpected issues.

Any online research study
We can send payments to participants of experiments, questionnaires and online usability / UX tests.

Benefits of using incentives when running research
An incentive is something that motivates an individual to perform an action. It can help people overcome barriers to behavior change and show real behaviour (Gneezy et al., 2019). Aligning subjects’ preferences with incentives is also the way to engage participants and obtain high quality data.

Do you need to pay participants?