Remote Field Lab

Remote Lab

Remote Lab

Are you thinking of running a field experiment somewhere else? Sometimes you need to run an experiment outdoors, in a shopping center, in a park or anywhere else. Perhaps you are wondering if it´s possible. The answer is yes, we can provide the necessary tools to create your own lab and conduct controlled field experiments anywhere. 

Set up your field lab anywhere

We will help you with the whole process

Programming experiments and online research studies

Building the study

Tell us what you need and we will build your behavioral studies in economics, market research, psychology or UX testing. We will make sure it´s responsive and will adapt to the devise used by subjects

Behavioural experiments

Collecting data

We will adapt to your research environment. Depending on your needs subjects will be able to make decisions using smartphones, laptops or tables. The only requirement will be to have a way to connect to a WIFI network.

Pay participants online studies

 Rewards and payments

Our platform allows us to send research incentives through PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards and donations to Charities. At the end of the experiment, we will provide online signed receipts to make accounting agile and simple.


Help with recruitment?

In case you need to recruit subjects and manage invitations we can also help. You just need to tell us the profiles you need to invite and we will create a recruitment campaign to bring subjects to your remote study.

Recruit participants - Experimentics

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