oTree Programming

We program oTree experiments for researchers

Hire the oTree programming service and run laboratory and online experiments without risks 

Behavioural experiments

Behavioural studies

Individual decision making behavioral experiments in economics, psychology and policy making. That´s perfect for online running

oTree multiplayer experiments

Customised multiplayer strategy games, like the prisoner’s dilemma, public goods game and auctions. These are great for laboratoy running. We do also program zTree if needed

Home Lab

UX tests and interviews

 We an also develop oTree experiments to test behavioral patterns on you new platform and ensure its friendly and functional for users

oTree experiments

Why oTree? 

For the last 7 years our team has programmed hundreds of online experiments, surveys and games. To that end, we have tested multiple platforms, from paid experimental software licences to custom web based technologies. In general terms, we have concluded that oTree is the best platform for conducting most of the multiplayer and individual decision-making online experiments. Furthermore, it also works in the lab and is 100% free so you can significatively reduce the cost.

oTree has replaced zTree, as an upgraded version for both lab and online experiments. If you need help with zTree coding for any reason (for example because you need to create a new treatment of an old experiment) we can also help.

Contact our team and check what is the best technology to code your study and the associated cost.

How we work

A qualified oTree programmer will take care of your research study. We will be happy to share references of past projects. See research clients


NDA Agreement

We will send you an NDA agreement to make sure you feel confortable when sharing your experimental details with us


Budget Estimation

Once we have your experiment details (design or instructions for participants) we will estimate the required programming hours to build your study and will send you the quote


oTree Programming

Out IT team will start coding your experiment / study.  We will show you the result to make sure it meets your requirements. This is a flexible process and we will modify it according to your needs


Final tested version

Once you approve the final version, our team will run a complete test. We will send you the codebook, rawdata coming from the test and the final version of the experiment

Additional services

We can also help with experimental design, recruitment and data collection

Recruitment, data collection and delivery of incentives

We can run the experimental study for you. Our team will manage the recruitment of participants, monitor subject behaviour in real time and send subjects´payments. Out team will help you to track subjects’ performance, assist them and prevent situations which put your data collection at risk.

Support on study design

The theory is great but when it comes to the real implementation unexpected actions need to be considered in your experimental design. Furthermore, you will need to respect the GDPR regulation to achieve your IRB approval and validate results. If you need assistance, we can help to prevent no desirable outcome and make the most of your research.

Experimental design

Any help with oTree programming?

Tell us what you need and see estimated costs