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Participate in online studies and help the scientific community to design innovative policies. In return, you will receive a fixed payment of 5 euros plus another variable payment based on your result.


About studies


It is an online game or questionnaire designed by a group of reserachers aiming to test how a new strategy works before implementing it in the real world. Volunteers participate anonymously.



They can play from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. It is free and intuitive. Participants make decisions for a few minutes and once they finish they receive a payment of 5 euros plus a variable payment for their result.



Check available studies. Seats run out very quickly. If you want to be notified when opening new studies sign up as participant.


Type of studies

Each study is different. Go to available studies and check all details. 

Live support for online experiments and research studies

Individual studies

You will play making decisions individually and anonymously. You will have a certain time to complete the study and you will receive a minimum payment of 5 euros plus another payment based on your result

Multiplayer online experiment

Multiplayer experiments

You will play against other participants and you all will have play at the same time. Your decisions will be anonymous and you will receive a minimum payment of 12 euros per hour

Online Lab

Interviews and usability tests

In this case you will have an interview with a member of our team. They will ask you questions about a situation or a product to get your opinion. You will receive a minimum payment of 15 euros per hour


Guide for participants

10 Frequent Asked Questions

What is a study?

It is an online game or questionnaire. Participants take anonimous decisions and get a payment according to their results (5 euros guaranteed + a variable ammount depending on their choices). Our studies are designed by worldwide researchers and institutions willing to test their strategies before real implementation. Check all details about the study before.

What do I need to do?

Volunteers will make decisions online for a few minutes. You will need to use a device with good internet connection (computer, tablet or mobile phone). At the end, participants receive their payment.

Will I always get a payment?

Yes. All participants who complete the study will always receive a minimum payment of 5 euros.

What do I need to participate?

Any phone, tablet or laptop with Internet connection. In case you need a particular device it will be specified in the study description.

Do I need to know anything?

No, prior knowledge is not required. At the beginning of the study you will read the rules of the game. From that moment on you will make the decisions that you consider appropriate, always anonymously. There are no right answers, you just have to be yourself.  The payment you receive will depend on the results of your decisions. 

Who can participate?

In general terms, everyone can participate. However, sometimes we need specific profiles. You can see the profile of the required participant in the description of the study. 

Where can I see new studies who are looking for participants?

Use the form below to register and you will receive an email when we open a study for your profile.

Is it free to participate?

Yes, its free. There is no cost of any kind either to reserve the place or to receive payment. Even if you don’t have a good result you will receive the minimum payment of 5 euros.

How do I receive the payment?

We use Paypal, a secure, free and trusted platform. If you don´t have an account yet you can create an account for free .

Is it 100% anonymous?

Yes, your decisions are anonymous and will never be associated to your identity. Researchers will see decisions but will never know who has made them. To do that, we will send you a participant personal code. You will use it to start the study.

We´ll ask you for some personal data intended to check the identity and suitability of required profiles for specific studies and will be used for recruitment and payment purposes only.  Data will only be managed by ourselves and is protected by our privacy policy and will never be disclosed to third parties. You can read all details here.

Available studies

Open studies right now. We´ll send invites to registered participants when we start data collection


Study #DecisionGame

6-12 EUR

  • 10 minutes
  • Individual online questionnaire
  • Use a phone/tablet/laptop
  • Anonymous
COMPLETEDUniversity of Bologna


Study #PlanetaDinero

5-12 EUR

  • 20 minutes
  • Multiplayer online game
  • Use a phone/tablet/laptop
  • Anonymous


Study #NokiaLab

30 EUR

  • 30 minutes
  • Individual decision making game
  • VR test
  • Anonymous

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