Experimental design

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Experiments are the professional way to explore questions, identify cause and effect or determine predictors and outcomes. These insights will help us to understand how and why things are what they are and can ultimately be used to change the world by improving the good and overcoming the bad.

Your experimental design needs to be guided by asking the right questions, by searching for answers in the right spots and taking appropriate decisions. It can give us knowledge and insights into ourselves and the world surrounding us. Today’s scientific insights are the result of careful thinking and experimental planning, proper experiment programming, recruitingcollecting of data, and drawing of appropriate conclusions.

Do not forget humans are predictable irrational

Nobel Laureate Richard Thaler in Behavioral Economics makes it clear. People are not rational. If you are thinking of subjects behaving in a determinated way in your experiment you may be wrong. Furthermore, this assumption does not only need to be considered with decisions but also when communicating with participants. You also need to make sure your incentives are aligned with their utility function. Anything else will be words instead of facts, the real scientific approach.

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We have an experienced team who has completed hundreds of lab and online experiments within the last decade. We have faced many situations which were putting data quality at risk and now we know how to overcome them. Speak to our team and make the most of your research!

Experimental design

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