Physical Lab (traditional University Lab for Experimental Economics)

set up a lab to run experiments

Physical Lab

Would you like to conduct behavioural experiments in a traditional lab with a controlled environment?  We have a network of University partners with realiable lab facilities that we can use to run traditional economic experiments. 

Available countries: Spain, Italy, UK and France. 

How does it work?

Send us the experimental design and we´ll take care of the rest

Programming experiments and online research studies

Programming the experiment

We can programme the experiment (oTree/zTree) and share it with you to make sure it is exactly what you expect. We will also send you a test (to check if it collects variables as you expect) and codebook (to understand data). Once you approve it, we will move to the next stage.

set up a lab

Recruitment and conducting the experiment

You just need to tell us the profiles you need to build your sample and we will create a recruitment campaign to bring subjects to the lab. Once we have them we´ll run experimental sessions under the experimental economics methodology (No deception/No communication between subjects/ Incentivized decisions) 

Pay participants online studies

Pay incentives

 At the end of the experiment, we will make payments according to your needs. We will provide signed receipts from participants to make accounting agile and simple. Once we finish we will send you a report about all sessions’ details and collected data.  


More Lab alternatives

If you do not need a traditional lab and you are thinking about something else, please contact us and see all available options. We can also work as an online lab, classroom lab, field lab and company lab. 

Behavioural experiments

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