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Multiplayer online experiment

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Are you thinking of running a controlled online experiment?  Perhaps your main concern is about controlling subjects’ behaviour. We can provide the necessary tools to monitor subject performance in real time and answer their questions.

Conduct safe online studies

Increase control and validate collected data

Programming experiments and online research studies

Programming the study

We can build your experiment for you. Some examples are multiplayer strategy games, like the prisoner’s dilemma, public goods game and auctions and behavioral studies We will adapt your design to a fully functional software compatible with smartphones, tables and computers.

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Control for online studies

Control subjects’ performance as much as if they were in a physical lab. To do that we will implement procedures to make sure (1) subjects’ profiles are verified, (2) participants are isolated and (3) there is no communication between them. That will increase the quality of the collected data.

Pay participants online studies

Remote Payments

Forget about University accounting and the related paperwork. Our platform allows us to send research incentives through PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards and donations to Charities. At the end of the experiment, we will provide online signed receipts to make accounting agile and simple.


Help with recruitment?

In case you need to recruit subjects and manage invitations we can also help. You just need to tell us the profiles you need to invite and we will create a recruitment campaign to bring subjects to your online study.

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